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Cagem Products Motors with very high efficiency

Motors with high efficiency IE4

Motors with high efficiency IE4

Synchronous reluctance motor in premium efficiency IE4

  • Synchronous reluctance (SRM) IE4 motors offer an extremely efficient solution. The low operating temperatures of these motors ensure high reliability and low maintenance costs. Linking SRM motors with the latest inverter technology and specially developed software ensures optimal efficiency and reliability.

Main advantages:

  • Top efficiency of IE4.
  • The possibility of replacing installations with asynchronous motors without mechanical modifications.
  • Long-term reliability due to lower bearing and winding temperatures.
  • Power equivalent to permanent magnet motor, half the price.
  • Level of costs and ease of maintenance corresponding to asynchronous motors.
  • Pre-set assemblies up to 200 kW.
  • Verified efficiency of assembly to obtain accurate power consumption data.


  • (ABB's illustrative video below)

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