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Cagem Products Motors with very high efficiency

Motors with very high efficiency

Find the best on the market. Benefits of permanent magnet motors associated with simplicity and easy maintenance of asynchronous motors. Synchronous-reluctance drive system enables high productivity with minimal operating costs due to extremely low power consumption. The pioneer of this technology has become ABB, which has set up reluctance engines in 2014. Their SynRM-IE4 has restored 100 years of technology and improved its management. There followed other market leaders like Siemens with their Synchonous-reluctance drive and many others. CAG has worked together with the Electrical Engineering University in Košice to develop this technology. Under the leadership of doc.ing.Želmíra Ferková, CSc. we have managed to find the optimal drive solution that offers premium parameters at a reasonable price. To ensure strict qualitative criteria and to prevent the leak of know-how, we have left this series in the Czech Republic. (links to ABB, Siemens, and CAG catalogs can be found in product cards)